23 Goals

IMG_3368-2I turned 23 yesterday, and I’m so grateful for this past year and all I learned in it. I treat my birthday almost like most people treat New Year’s, and like to come up with goals I want to accomplish while I’m whatever age I am. I thought it might be fun to share these goals with you guys today, so here are 23 things I’d like to do while I’m 23.

  1. be published
  2. improve my punctuality in responding to things
  3. make my yoga practice more consistent
  4. upgrade my violin
  5. find a way to get involved with my local international community
  6. go somewhere new
  7. stick to a cleaning schedule
  8. overhaul my medicine cabinet to be all natural/organic/healthy
  9. read consistently in the evenings
  10. knit something challenging
  11. say yes to opportunities
  12. get back into gardening
  13. finish refinishing that dresser that’s been in my garage for like a year…
  14. improve my improvisational abilities on the piano
  15. finish that quilt I started my freshman year of college…
  16. add a new lens to my camera gear
  17. try a month of being a vegetarian
  18. experiment more with my personal style
  19. post lots of outfit posts
  20. start contributing to the music at my church in some way
  21. be more consistent in running
  22. come up with more creative, original, and interesting content
  23. drive more

I’m excited to see what this year of living holds for me, and I’m so thankful for all of you for reading what I create!

8 thoughts on “23 Goals

  1. Happy Birthday!
    Sounds like you have some awesome goals for this 23rd year! I pray the Lord blesses you, gives you the desires of your heart and strengthens your relationship with Him!
    Blessings to you!

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