24 Piece Capsule Wardrobe for Winter 2017

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Today I’m excited to finally share my winter capsule wardrobe for 2017! I surprised myself by minimizing even further, and ended up with a 24 piece wardrobe for the winter season. If you remember from my planning post, I confined myself to a color scheme this season, and I feel that taking that step has made my wardrobe much more cohesive. Many of these pieces will look familiar to you if you’ve followed me for the past few seasons, but there are some new additions as well which I’m excited about. As usual, I filmed my capsule wardrobe so you can get a good idea of what the pieces are like, and I’ve also included a listing of each piece with links to currently available items. I hope this provides some wardrobe inspiration for you!

Grab a cup of tea, cue the Sinatra, and enjoy the video!

 Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2017


Striped Tee: Everlane

Black Tee; 3/4 sleeves: Anthropologie, old

Blush Button-down: Hand-me-down from my sister

Blush Blouse: Hand-me-down

Blush Sweater: LOFT, old

Fisherman Sweater: Banana Republic, old

Cashmere Crew: Everlane

Denim Shirt: ThredUp

Black Tee; elbow sleeves: Everlane

Lace Tee: ThredUp


Denim Jacket: ThredUp

Green Jacket: Anthropologie, old

Swing Trench: Banana Republic, old

Vest: Poshmark

Cream Cardigan: Thrifted


Jeans x4: PrAna, Target, eBay

Blush Skirt: Made by me

Grey Skirt: ThredUp

Black Skirt: Forever21, old

Black Trousers: Ruche, old


Little Black Dress: Thrifted

24 Piece Winter Capsule Wardrobe Vintage Coach Bag; Everlane Foldover Bag Madewell Cara Heels Minimalist Wardrobe Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration 24 Piece Capsule Wardrobe

What is a current favorite piece in your wardrobe? Are you wearing a capsule wardrobe this season? I’d love to hear!

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2 thoughts on “24 Piece Capsule Wardrobe for Winter 2017

  1. Whoa, did you survive on just 2 pairs of shoes? What shoes are in the shoe box? (or were you not counting shoes in that number)!

    That’s a great little wardrobe…love the photos.

    I’m also going all-ethical/sustainable, 2nd hand, or made in the USA! This is my first year at it, so your blog is very inspiring! Keep up the good work!

    Holly J

    1. Hi Holly! No, I don’t usually include shoes in my number since for me, they span a couple of seasons at a time! I wish I could deal with only two pairs of shoes, but not this time! 😀 I currently have 6 pairs in my winter rotation, but my ankle boots and flats definitely get the most wear.

      I’m so excited to hear that you are going ethical etc. this year! That’s amazing, and props to you! I’m so glad that you’ve been able to find my blog inspiring, and I hope it continues to be so!
      Thank you for your lovely comment, and have a wonderful day!

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