3 Pretty Peachy Polishes

Butter London, Essie, Nail Inc NailKaleWell look at that well alliterated title won’t you?! 😉 Ahem, on to the actual blog post.

Come spring and summer, I practically live in peachy nail polish colors. If you remember my big nail polish declutter post, you may have noticed that most of the colors I kept were either peach or wine colors. I’m a creature of habit I suppose. Today I’m sharing three favorite peach polishes that I’ve been wearing this season! (Also, big shout out to the peach rose from my yard for blooming just for this post.)

Kerfuffle,  High Class Affair, Duchess WalkFirst, Butter London’s Kerfuffle. This is actually my second bottle of this polish! It’s a lovely peach cream formula that works almost as a neutral on my fair pink toned skin. I love Butter London polishes for their smooth application and lasting power. This color is definitely an all time favorite for me.

Essie’s High Class Affair is new to me, and it’s so pretty! The website described it as a blush nude, and I think that does it justice. It’s a bit lighter than BL’s Kerfuffle, and gives the nails a beautiful polished look without being overpowering or bright. I can see myself wearing this color all the time!

Nails Inc Nailkale in Duchess Walk is such a great color! I ordered this shade online, and expected it to be paler than it is in actuality. When I first got it, I was afraid that it would be exactly the same as Kerfuffle, because in the bottle they look identical. However, once I applied it, it dried a lot darker and brighter, making it a bit more of a fun statement color.

Do you have any favorite spring and summer colors? Also, do any of you have any recommendations for more natural nail polish companies? I’d love to hear!

10 thoughts on “3 Pretty Peachy Polishes

  1. So pretty, Lauren! I really want to try out “High Class Affair” after reading this (I mean even the name is cute), though my own collection probably needs sorting out! (I have a ton of light blue shades. And every time I buy new ones I seem to buy more blue…:P) I love Essie “Tart Deco” around this time of year, too. ^.^

  2. I just bought Essie’s high class affair and I love that is has a peach undertone, while still looking like pink-y nude. ???? I do have a question for you about Essie polishes: do you notice that they tend to be streaky? I have only used a couple of them, but they seemed streaker than OPI and I was wondering is that’s just how Essie polishes are.

    1. Hi Gabrielle! Hmm, I have found a lot of the lighter colors to be kind of streaky, especially on the first coat, but normally it will smooth out on me with a second! This shade I didn’t find to be streaky, though! I do find that Essie polishes are a little lower in quality than OPI, but still lovely! 🙂
      Thanks for commenting today!

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