4 Favorite Period Dramas on Netflix

One of my favorite things about Netflix is the large selection of period films available to watch. Since I first signed up for Netflix, I’ve watched several of my old favorites as well as found some new ones. Today I’m sharing four of my favorite period dramas on Netflix to give you some inspiration for you next movie night!

Jane Eyre


I absolutely adore this adaption of Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre has long been one of my favorite books, and for me, this film version captures the essence of the book. Plus the musical score is to die for.


Wives and Daughters


Wives and Daughters is a mini series based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s book of the same name. The series contains four episodes, and I often find myself putting them on in the background while I work on a sewing project. The story follows the life of Molly Gibson as she struggles to adjust to her father’s new marriage and the changes it brings to their family.

Call the Midwife


If I had to choose an absolute favorite TV series, Call the Midwife would win. Two seasons are currently available on Netflix, and I love them both. The show is based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, and follows her struggles as a midwife in London’s East End during the 1950s.

Sense and Sensibility


This version of Sense and Sensibility was one of my mom’s favorite movies growing up, and so I was practically raised on it. To this day I love it though, for its story, its soundtrack, and its absolute killer cast. Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, and Hugh Grant are notable cast members.

What are some of your favorite movies on Netflix?


3 thoughts on “4 Favorite Period Dramas on Netflix

  1. I just saw that version of Jane Eyre a little bit ago, and loved it! It’s one of my favorite classic books too. Your list is pretty much the same as mine would be, except I would switch Sense and Sensibility for North and South.

  2. What a great post! I LOVE period dramas!! We’ve been watching call the midwife also, almost done with the first season. Downton Abbey… I want to watch North and South, but I haven’t read it yet, and that is how I roll… 🙂 The 1994 Little Women is good. BBC’s Persuasion. It’s hard to find a bad one! Mona Lisa smile is one that I did not like when I was in middle/high school, but watching in college I liked it much more. I am sure there are SO many others.. but I will have to keep this list in mind as I read them! XO-Alexandra

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