4 Style Channels You Should be Watching on YouTube

Best Fashion Vloggers on YouTube 2017I love YouTube. One of my favorite ways to chill out after work is to make a good cup of tea or coffee, and sit down to catch up on my favorite channels. When I first started to get into the YouTube world, most of the channels I watched focused primarily on makeup and skincare, but over the past couple of years, I’ve come to love channels that focus on personal style. I love the creativity that goes into each video, and I always walk away with inspiration for new ways to wear the items in my closet. Since fashion channels are a little more difficult to come across, today I’m rounding up my four current favorites.

You might want to make more room in your schedule.

Audrey à la Mode

If you love capsule wardrobes and classic New England style, you will adore Audrey’s channel! She shares videos on styling individual pieces for multiple seasons, lookbooks featuring her capsule wardrobe, and informative how-tos on wardrobe maintenance. Her videos always help me to see the possibilities contained within my own closet, and never disappoint!


Cassie and Ricci’s channel is filled with travel/outfit vlogs, thrift hauls, creative lookbooks and more. Their individual styles are super cool, and while quite different from my own, inspire me to try new things in the wardrobe department. I love how they incorporate so many thrifted pieces into their closets, and it’s always fun to see how they style them.

With Wendy

Wendy’s channel is one of my favorites, and it has a twist: she makes a lot of her own clothes! Her channel features DIY lookbooks, sewing tutorials for trendy items, travel/outfit vlogs, and advice on getting started with sewing. Even if you have no interest in a DIY wardrobe, you’ll be fascinated by what she makes! From a leather bucket bag, to a bomber jacket, Wendy definitely makes sewing cool.

Light by Coco

When I first started my journey to downsizing my wardrobe, Coco’s channel was a huge help! She is a true minimalist, and dresses from a year-round capsule. I love seeing her capsule wardrobes, lookbooks, and thoughts on minimalism. I also love that her videos are typically quite short while still staying informative and helpful. Her style is what I would describe as urban-cool-girl, and she can definitely rock neutral outfits. If you’re looking up to lighten up your wardrobe, or any part of your life, I know you’ll find her channel helpful.


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Do you watch any fashion vloggers? Who are your favorites? I’d love to hear!


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