5 Things to Declutter Before Christmas

Bokeh Christmas Tree20 days to go!

Christmas is coming faster than I can believe, and I’m feeling the urge to get things done as the holiday approaches. Amid all of the shopping, preparing for guests, and family time, it can be easy to let things become disorganized in December, so before life gets too crazy, I wanted to list out some areas to declutter in my life this month. A lot of these areas are things I wouldn’t feel the need to organize regularly, but will be especially helpful as we approach the holidays. Let’s declutter!

Your inbox

I love the idea of starting the new year afresh, so while it’s still December, I’ll be going through my inbox to make sure I’m caught up on emails. This can be a mammoth task, but don’t let it overwhelm you. I’m planning to take an hour on a Saturday to see how many emails I can get through.

Memory cards

During the holidays, photo opps abound, so prepare for them by having some clear memory cards. As a blogger mine are regularly used to capacity, so I plan to clear one card and dedicate it to photos with family and friends this season.

Wrapping supplies

I love gift wrapping, and I’ve collected my fair share of supplies over the years. As I wrap my gifts for Christmas, I’ll be going through my gift wrap box to determine what I will actually use, and what is just taking up extra space.

Bathroom drawers

The holidays often mean out-of-town guests, so now is a great time to start prepping. I’ll be clearing out my bathroom drawers, one of the first places clutter collects in my space. This will free up space for me in the long run as well as space for guests over Christmas.


I’m one-hundred and ten percent guilty of spending too much time on my phone, so this month I’ll be going through my apps. I find that removing certain apps such as Facebook can really diminish the amount of time I spend scrolling through endless social media feeds. I feel it’s important for me to evaluate the apps I use regularly, and particularly during a month I spend a lot of time with loved ones

My main goal with each of these projects is to free up space and time this holiday season so I can focus on making memories.

What would you add to my list?
Is there any specific area you are planning to declutter this month?
I’d love to hear!

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