5 Things to Declutter this Month

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The change in seasons always motivates me to lighten up my life, and this fall that has manifested itself in a hefty declutter of my belongings. Stuff accumulates so quickly, and I find that I need to do a good declutter at least once a year. During this most recent organization and decluttering spree, I was surprised both by how much I had collected, and how much I could say goodbye to with no regrets. I went through several categories of belongings, and today I’m sharing those with you. I’ll also be sharing my favorite apps for selling those items once you’ve decided to let them go. Let’s get rid of stuff!


My mother is a book collector, and she has definitely passed that love of literature on to me. As I went through my books, though, I was surprised by how many I had that I didn’t enjoy reading or had no attachment to. Also by how many duplicate Jane Austen novels I had. 😉 From college textbooks to novels I bought on a whim, there was a lot that I didn’t need.

DVDs & Music

In former years I was the person who always got excited for the DVD sales each black Friday. While I love owning certain films, shopping the sales left me with a lot that I didn’t care to watch again. I was able to get rid of a significant portion of my collection, and I haven’t even notice that those movies are gone. I also took a quick inventory of my records and old CDs, and parted with the ones I don’t use.


As minimal as I keep my wardrobe, I’m still able to declutter it, and after the summer I found several things that I wasn’t getting good use out of. I parted with clothing, shoes, handbags, and jewelry, and I feel like each time I do this process I’m able to understand my own style better. Decluttering as the seasons change also means I’m able to free up space for any new additions I may be bringing into my closet.

Your Desktop

Have you ever thought about digital decluttering? I accumulate so many files on my desktop, and last month I went through so much of my computer, deleting unnecessary files, and moving old ones to an external hard drive. Not only does it feel good to see less clutter on my screen, it helps my computer to work more efficiently.

Makeup & Toiletries

The makeup and toiletry categories are ones that need to be sorted out a little more often than others. I like to first got through everything looking for expired items, and then see what excess I’ve accumulated that I do not use. I’ll typically do this clear out four times a year to make sure that all of the products I’m using are in date.

After the Declutter

If you are like me, after a decluttering project you will have a large pile of stuff that needs to go somewhere. I typically stick to a combination of selling and donating, depending on the item. I do try to avoid throwing things away to the best of my ability as often things we get rid of still have a lot of life left in them. If you are interested in selling your items, here are a few apps that I have found helpful.

For books and media:


This app allows you to scan the bar code of your item to see what shops are buying it and to check its value.


The eBay app also has a bar code scanning feature that makes selling books and media extremely easy.


Decluttr is an app for selling DVDs, CDs, games and Blu-rays. You can use the bar code scanner to quickly check the items value.

For clothes and accessories:


Poshmark allows you to sell your used clothing, shoes, and accessories. The process is fast and easy, and Poshmark takes care of the shipping labels.


Depop is very similar to Poshmark, allowing you to have your own profile to sell your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Both Poshmark and Depop do have fees that are deducted from whatever you sell, but the convenience makes it well worth it.

Whether you do one of all of these decluttering projects this month, I hope that if you are looking to lighten up your life, you will be able to find the time to take it on.


Do you have any decluttering projects on the horizon? I’d love to hear!





2 thoughts on “5 Things to Declutter this Month

  1. I’ve made major strides in these areas over the last year or so, but I’m trying to do a digital declutter (I’m a bookmark hoarder) and cosmetics and toiletries (still have some lingering items I need to use up). I think I might just print out this for this fall. I’ve already done my massive fall clean which included making inventory to check of items that I use up I resold quite a bit of clothing (via Swap.com) and books over the last year; I need to learn that NOT purchasing is the best savings since I’m getting cents on the dollar. And I want to use up a considerable bit of my fabric.

    1. That’s wonderful Livia! I’m also having to learn that not purchasing is the best savings– seeing the selling value of different items I declutter definitely makes me think twice before purchasing new items. Thank you so much for reading, and for your thoughtful comment!

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