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It’s time for another installment of 5 Wardrobe Essentials, and today I’m excited to introduce you to Emily DeLong, creator of Margu Design. Emily is a designer and seamstress based out of Northwest Arkansas, and I’m excited for us to get a slow fashion creator’s perspective on wardrobe essentials. Her beautiful line, Margu, focuses on impeccable attention to detail, sustainable practices, and is all cut and sewn in her Arkansas studio. Margu’s Fall/Winter collection was released last month, and each piece is just exquisite. Be sure to hop over and check it out once you’ve read this post! Emily has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ethical and sustainable fashion, and I know you’ll enjoy reading about her favorites today.

Take it away Emily!


Autumn is my favorite season by far. If I had to come up with a reason why, it’d probably be 20 percent the fact that summer is over, 20 percent how pretty autumn foliage is, 10 percent the anticipation of the holiday season, 20 percent all the autumn flavors and foods, and 30 percent getting to wear tights, boots, scarves, and sweaters again. I love sundresses dearly, but by the end of August I’m ready for something new, and autumn dressing is always such a welcome change. I love how the season is devoted to comfort and coziness (sweaters and scarves and hats and socks), yet is perhaps the most challenging season to dress for (getting lots of layers to work together effortlessly without clashing is tougher than it looks). Below are the five wardrobe pieces I wouldn’t dare enter autumn without.


A Lightweight Black Turtleneck

Cold weather is so fun to dress for because there are so many fun options when it comes to layering! One of my favorite ways to layer in the autumn is with a lightweight turtleneck, such as this one from Reformation. I love layering them under sleeveless dresses — the effect is both functional and unexpected. And when it gets really, really cold outside, a lightweight turtleneck is great as a snug, comfy base layer under the 10 billion other layers you’ll be wearing.

A Cozy Scarf

One of the best things about autumn is that we’re all still in the honeymoon phase with cold weather — cozy scarves and hats and gloves are still fun and fashionable and not solely about keeping the 10-degree wind off your skin like they are in January. I love infinity scarves because they’re great for bike riding or other activities where you don’t have a pair of hands to adjust your scarf. All of my scarves are either handmade or really old at this point, but if I were to get a new one, I think it’d be this cozy, handmade one from Responsive Textiles.

An Arsenal of Miniskirts

Every year when it dips below 70 degrees, I suddenly have the urge to wear nothing but miniskirts. They’re basically my form of a sartorial blank canvas when it comes to autumn dressing: they look great with all kinds of shoes (short boots, tall boots, flats), they work well with both fitted tees and chunky sweaters, and they pair so well with tights (but still look good without them!). My love for miniskirts is probably why I have yet to design a fall collection for Margu without them; I’ve been wearing my Ivy Skirt from FW17 nonstop lately.


The first day of the season when it’s cold enough to wear tights is like a national holiday to me. First it’s tights, then it’s apple picking and warm coffee and pie and cookies and twinkly lights and all the wonderful things that occur in the last three months of the year. My tights collection consists of mostly black nylon tights with a few pairs of colored/pattern nylon tights in addition to a relatively large collection of black and grey sweater tights. Up until recently, I admittedly bought almost all my tights from Target, but once I discovered Swedish Stockings, I became obsessed. Their tights are super high-quality (a lot better than Target), and they are made of recycled fibers and are extremely eco-conscious. As my Target tights wear out, I’m slowly replacing them all with Swedish Stockings (and what’s even better is that they’ll take your old ripped tights from any brand to recycle them in exchange for a discount code!).

Functional (Yet Cute) Heeled Boots

I perhaps associate the coming of fall with boots more than I do any other wardrobe piece. The best boots, in my book, are durable, comfortable, functional, stylish, and long-lasting. I have a variety of different boots for different occasions (snow boots, rain boots, etc.), but the kinds of boots I’m always gravitating toward when getting dressed in the morning are short, functional boots with a 2-3” heel. I do a lot of walking in the fall (and always), so comfort and function is a must, but the addition of a little heel makes them a bit fancier and allows them to pair well with more feminine dresses. I’m currently saving up for a pair of vintage-inspired Red Wings that I plan on getting when the boots I have wear out. For a bit less rugged and more dressy short heeled boot, I currently have a pair of black Madewell boots that I wear all the time; when it’s time to replace them, however, I think I’m going to make the investment in a pair of Colicos.


Thank you so much to Emily for sharing her wardrobe essentials with us today!

What are you reaching for in your autumn wardrobe?
I’d love to hear!




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