A Little Fall of Rain…

Rainy days must have been made for blankets, tea, and reading I think.

rainy concrete

Today was exactly that kind of day. I confess I have been missing the sunshine lately, but dreary days are so beautiful in their own way. I am making an effort to enjoy the beauty of thunder and rain showers. They are not as common come Summer. It is easy to dream of the next season, be it a calendar season, or season of life, and to think that is when we will be happy, take advantage of time, do such and such on our bucket list, etc.

mug of tea

Last night I got to see a fantastic production of one of my all time favorite musicals: Les Miserables. It was absolutely amazing. The actors who played Eponine and Marius killed it on A Little Fall of Rain. I’ve been singing it all day and have no desire to quit anytime soon.

I had seen recordings of the Broadway productions of Les Miserables, but never seen it live. Let me tell you, if you are a fan, see it live.

les miserables ticket

black and white flowers

“…and rain will make the flowers grow…”

pink flowers

Musing of different seasons and life seasons brought me to this conclusion: each season is beautiful. Learn to dance in the rain,  soak up the sun, savor crisp Autumn nights, and love the sharp wintery wind. I want to live each season of life to the fullest. I want to get excited about the small things in life and enjoy rainy days.

sun through clouds

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