A Morning at the Orchard

peach orchard photographySince I’ve moved back to Arkansas, it’s not summer without a trip to a peach orchard! My family loves to go early in the day and pick enough peaches to bake our favorite recipes and preserve for the autumn and winter seasons. We love making ice cream, sorbet, jam, and lots of other things with fresh peaches! Since we have a lot of family visiting right now, we thought it would be fun to take all of the younger cousins to the orchard with us, so we drove out this morning and came home with way too much fruit. It was actually beautiful weather, despite being late July, and we had a wonderful time!

I took along my camera, and I just love the way the light filtered through the peach trees and created almost a sparkling effect. The orchard is out in the middle of nowhere, and it’s so peaceful to experience the kind of quiet you find away from the city. We walked around, picked peaches, ate peaches, and my sister and I snapped a bunch of photos. The orchard is also situated next to a lake which was so pretty! They have apple trees that will be ripe in the fall, and I really want to go back in October in cozy fall attire…am I the only one who’s already dreaming of fall?! 🙂

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peach picking lifestyle blog post IMG_3016Since I have family visiting right now, I may not be super active online for the next week, so please bare with me if I’m taking a while to get back to you!

Do any of you guys go fruit picking in the summer? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Peaches are the best and peach orchards are great! There used to be a number of peach treas and black berry bushes at our family farm, but unfortunately they are not producing that much anymore. I am right there with you though on dreaming of fall! Absolutely love these “peachy” pictures.

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