And that’s a wrap!

Girls, I’m finished! I can’t believe it, but I’ve made it through my first semester of college. Thank you Jesus! I’m so glad to be done and get to have a bit of relaxation time now. I got home this afternoon (home in the same state as school;)) and my whole family will be coming next week. To say I’m excited to see them seems like an understatement.
Now it really is starting to feel like Christmas. We had a temperature drop last week which left the ground all frosty, and now I’m back to my cozy home with a beautiful Christmas tree and part of my sweet family. I just have to wait for the rest of them for to come home for it to really be Christmastime.
I plan to spend the next few days in organizing my room which is still in chaos from the move, as well as making a few gifts and watching Downton Abbey season two with my sister.
I’m going to try to be a lot more faithful in posting over the next month since I will have no excuses;) I can’t wait to share some of my resent projects with you all, as well as some ideas for the holidays. Thanks for stopping by today!
-Lauren <3

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