Assorted Weekend Adventures

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend has been wonderful. I spent most of today and yesterday being in charge of my brother and sisters whilst our parents had gone on a weekend trip. When Lauren is in charge, that usually means staying up late watching episodes of I Love Lucy and Get Smart, baking something unhealthy and delicious, (the worlds best cinnamon rolls) and randomly goofing around while Lauren sews;-)
This morning we watched a sermon online since I don’t drive. The Rock church in San Diego, California is one I have visited several times on vacations and was very blessed by. This video was included in the message this morning, and I would encourage you to watch it. Also, if you are interested, they have tons of wonderful messages on their website as well as live online services every Sunday.
Of course since I’m still getting used to being in charge overnight, the police would choose that day to go to my neighbors house and freak me out. My neighbors have an over active alarm, and aren’t home very much, so I had no reason to be freaked, but the point remains. 
Anyway, I did a good bit of sewing yesterday. I cut out and sewed together the muslin for my new dress! I just love the way it fits and can’t wait to choose the actual material. I think it will be a really great dress for Spring! I will certainty post pictures when I finish it. I really want to do some outfit posts, and will hopefully put my first one together next week. Well that’s all for now. I really need to do some more interesting organized posts. I hope you have a great rest of your day!

p.s. I also made a Facebook page for my new jewelry shop! Would you like me? 🙂 When I reach a certain number (like 30 or 50) I will try to give away a coupon or something!

One thought on “Assorted Weekend Adventures

  1. Your night sounds quite a bit like the ones my fee sisters and I spend when our parents are out! We always have pizza, popcorn, and some other ridiculously unhealthy treat, then stay up late watching old movies.(:
    I’m excited to see what your dress looks like! Good luck finding the perfect material!


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