Autumn Wardrobe Wishlist

Anthropologie mug‘Tis the season for fall shopping, and I’ve been planning out exactly what I want to add to my wardrobe this season. I haven’t found too many gaps in my wardrobe, but there are a few additions I’d like to make. As mentioned in my capsule planning post, I like to divide my shopping between thrifting and buying new, so today I’ll be sharing my thrifting list, what I want to buy new, and a few things I’d like to sew for myself this autumn.

When it comes to thrifting, I like to set realistic goals, and plan to buy things that don’t look worn quickly. There are always exceptional finds, for example once I thrifted the perfect little black dress without a trace of fading, but keeping my expectations low helps me to find the gems.

To buy second hand:

-A striped top

My favorite black and white striped top that I’ve worn for several years just got too worn, so I donated it. Time for an update!

-A duster style vest

I’ve seen a lot of great outfits featuring longer vests, and I’d love to play around with styling one for myself. This one from Anthropologie is really inspiring me, and it’s made in the USA!

-A neutral cardigan

This could be cream, grey, or black. I have a couple of colorful cardigans in my wardrobe, and would love something more neutral to balance it out.

-A flannel shirt

Plaid flannel shirts are a fall classic, and I’d love to add one to my wardrobe!

To buy new:

-A black tee shirt

This is one of the items I shy away from at thrift stores because they tend to be faded. I love the Ryan long sleeved tee from Everlane, and I’m thinking of getting one in black.

-A cape scarf

I recently saw this cape scarf on the Madewell website, and I just adore it. I’d love to purchase this one or something similar.

To make:

-A plaid or gingham fit and flare dress

I go to the symphony a lot in the fall and winter, so I’d love to have one more dress in my wardrobe!

-A pleated midi skirt

Midi skirts are a wardrobe staple for me, and it would be great to have new one.

And that’s it! 8 additions for the new season seems pretty reasonable to me, and I think that these pieces will fill out my capsule perfectly. I’ll be sure and share what I end up with when I’ve done some shopping!

What items are on your fall wardrobe wishlist?

I’d love to hear!

10 thoughts on “Autumn Wardrobe Wishlist

  1. I’ve been thinking about doing a post like this as well!! There are quite a few things I want to thrift this season.
    I really want a duster coat and a new striped shirt! I was so surprised I found the perfect black turtleneck at goodwill and it wasn’t faded at all!

    Lee –

  2. This post was very helpful to me, since I also shop at thrift stores and consignment for a lot of my clothes. Dividing the shopping list visually like is a great idea! I hope you find all the thrift store gems!

    A++ for Everlane! I LOVE their t-shirts. The grey heather ones are the softest so far.

    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful Katharine! And thanks for the thrifting well wishes! 😀
      I’m obsessed with Everlane’s t-shirts! I have a heather one as well, and I’m pretty sure it’s the most comfortable thing I own! Thanks so much for reading, and enjoy your weekend!

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