Blooming roses and pretty presents.

Hello lovelies! Today has been an absolutely lovely day weather wise. Hallelujah for a break from the heat! It also happens to be my beautiful mother’s birthday. Happy birthday Mom!

Our rose bushes are totally covered in blooms right now, so my little sisters and I went to gather a bunch this afternoon to make some bouquets for Mom. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Here are the arm loads we brought in!
And here is my attempt at flower arranging:)

So all that thinking about roses inspired me to record A Rose Will Bloom, from Romeo and Juliet. I’ve never seen the film, but I sure do love the song. It’s not a perfect recording once again, but hopefully it’s bearable.

Oh, and I came up with these pretty little decorations for all the period dramas we got for my mom. I have to get her all of the ones in our collection that belong to me, because I’m not going to college without them;-) Back to the decorations. I’ve been making these pretty little silk roses out of scraps in my fabric stash, and I think they are pretty cute. What say you?

In other news, I’m getting ready for a concert tomorrow which promises to be fun. We are playing a medley of the themes from Titanic, and it is just beautiful. Also Lord of the Rings, which you all know I love! I’m still working on my sewing projects. My dress is coming along. Just a neck facing, zipper, and hem till I’m done! Oh, and I’m graduating this month! Wow, I’ve got to get some school done.
Thanks for stopping by today!

9 thoughts on “Blooming roses and pretty presents.

  1. Awe.. I hope my girls grow up to be just like you and your sisters!! You girls (women) are so sweet to do that for your mom!! She’s very lucky!! Please make sure you tell her Happy Birthday for me! 🙂

  2. Those rose are lovely!
    I love the Lord of the rings theme and Titanic theme(Althought I don’t approve of the Titanic movie).
    I hope you have a blessed week in the Lord!

  3. wow Your roses are beautiful! I also love the pretty little silk roses. Looks like your mom is going to be very surprised indeed. (in an awesome way) Happy Birthday to her 🙂

  4. Oops, sorry I’ve taken so long to respond to comments!
    My mom says thank you to everyone who wished her a happy birthday:-)

    Thanks so much! You are so sweet:)

    Living in the Desert,
    Aw, you are so sweet! I did tell her happy birthday. Enjoying your new blog!

    Thank you! I love the Lord of the Rings and Titanic soundtracks as well. I have yet to see Titanic. I’ve heard there are some inappropriate scenes, but I’m not sure I would throw out the entire film because tragic romances are right up my ally;-)

    Thanks for stopping by! I love putting flowers in jars as well. It’s such a cottagish (no that is not a word;)) look!

    Thanks so much! Roses are my favorites. I think she enjoyed all of it:)

    Thanks for coming by and commenting! You are so sweet!

    Love and blessings ladies!

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