Chicago Instagram Favorites

Chicago was chock full of Instagram worthy moments, and I’m pretty sure I posted more than I ever had while I was there. From the city views to the cute antique shops, my iPhone found plenty of things to document and share. Today I thought I would share some of my favorite Instagram posts from my trip for those of you who don’t use Instagram, or who don’t currently follow me (which can be remedied here!)


Some highlights from these photos:

-The bookshops! Bookman’s Corner downtown was quite literally piled with books, and it was such a fun treasure hunt digging through the stacks.

-The antique shops! Secret Treasures in Evanston is a shop I visited last year, and they have a beautiful collection of vintage china and glassware.

-My dear friend Leanna was able to come down from Michigan to spend a Sunday with us, and it was so wonderful to see her! We explored the local lighthouse for a second time, and of course had coffee, tea, and great conversation.

Patisserie Coralie in Evanston had the most delicious almond croissant and a pretty killer latte too.

-The tin ceilings throughout the city melted my heart a little.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Check back soon for my last Chicago post!


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