Chicago Souvenirs

chicago-souvenirsSouvenir: French; to remember

I remember first learning that definition of the word souvenir, and how it changed the way I thought of it. Years ago when I heard the word souvenir I thought of uninteresting gift shops full of key chains and other knick-knacks I had no use for. The thought of the actual meaning of the word- to remember, caused me to think differently about souvenir shopping. Now when I travel, I shop for things I would actually buy in my normal life at home, but with a local flair. I look for things that I know I will use, but that will always cause me to remember my trip.

Today I thought I would share my favorite purchases I made in Chicago.

My family has a tradition of collecting coffee mugs at the various places we visit, and I’ve continued that tradition personally. I’m an avid drinker of both coffee and tea, so a coffee mug is a fun and practical way to remember my trip to a new place. On this visit, I stumbled across the cutest glassware shop called P.O.S.H. P.O.S.H. stocks both vintage and vintage reproduction dishes, but what caught my eye were the reproductions of local Chicago themed diner style dishes. I knew right away that the coffee mug would be coming home with me. It is a traditional diner mug with a kitchy map of some of the city’s most well known places gracing the rim. I can’t wait to start drinking my morning coffee out of this fun find!chicago-souvenirs-4

Another local shop I visited was Foursided. I was immediately drawn to this place by their windows filled with vintage kitchenware and Rifle Paper Company artwork. The shop was full of adorable things, and I ended up finding two to take home. First I found a set of three pens that were locally made in Chicago. They are printed with the words fiction, non-fiction, and fantasy giving each pen an individual purpose. I thought it would be so fun to have these for various writing projects whether they be to do lists or stories.chicago-souvenirs-3 I also bought a candle at Foursided. While it is not a locally made item, the scent was just too good to pass up! I used to be an avid lover of the Bath & Body Works grapefruit scent which they discontinued years ago, and this candle smells just like it! Plus it came in the most adorable jar packaging, so what’s not to love? This candle brand is also available on Etsy.chicago-souvenirs-2

Finally, I made one makeup purchase (because did you really think I wouldn’t? 😉 ) I have been following Charlotte Tilbury online for ages, and was thrilled when her makeup range came to the states. Unfortunately where I live there isn’t a counter, and I wanted to try out the line before I committed to purchasing anything. I ended up visiting the counter at the Chicago Nordstrom. The sales associates were just wonderful, and I had a lovely time playing around with all of the beautiful products. I ended up falling in love with the Uptown Girl eye shadow palette. It’s a beautiful mixture of cream colors and smokey greys which I can see myself using often, especially come fall and winter. The sales ladies told me that if I would be there the next week, Charlotte herself would be in store, but sadly I was leaving right before that day! I ended up buying the palette and can’t wait to use it and remember my trip while applying my makeup.chicago-souvenirs-5

Other things I bought included gifts and clothes, but I won’t bore you with those things. 😉

I hope you enjoyed seeing my souvenirs! What do you like to shop for when traveling? I would love to hear!

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