Christmas Capsule Wardrobe Updates

Cream and Red Christmas SweaterAs much as I love neutral clothing, once December approaches I’m ready to inject a bit of festive fun into my wardrobe! This year I’ve decided to swap out a few pieces from my fall capsule wardrobe for some holiday specific pieces I’ll wear throughout the Christmas season. The pieces I’m trading them with will go into storage with my summer wardrobe pieces for now. I have four items I’m including here in this post, and one that I’m adding later which I’ll discuss further. I’m excited to start wearing all of these fun items and to share them with you!

Bring on the sparkle, velvet, and fairisle because it’s the holiday season!


Holiday Capsule WardrobePieces leaving my capsule:

Orange cardigan, rust vest, floral dress, lightweight blush sweater, knit black dress.

Most of these pieces are difficult to wear as the weather continues to cool, and while they were perfect for early fall, my updates will be more practical for the weather as it stands now.

Capsule Updates:

Red & cream Christmas sweater

I hand knitted this sweater a couple of years ago, and I’m excited to wear it again this year. There’s something amazing about wearing a knitwear piece you made yourself. This sweater is made of a wool and cashmere blend making is oh so warm and cozy. Looking for a knitted sweater? Deer Sweater Shop is an Etsy shop based out of Toronto that creates beautiful sweaters!

Red velvet party dress

I adore my red velvet vintage 1960s party dress, and I can’t wait to show it to you in detail in an upcoming post! I found it on eBay last year, and it’s perfect. I searched everywhere for a 1960s velvet dress after seeing Kater’s Christmas outfit back in 2011. Mine features bows, lace, and is just too fun. I’ll link to similar vintage options at the end of this post!

Grey & cream Christmas sweater

This little Christmas sweater came from Target a while back, and I love it for a more subtle festive touch. It is definitely holiday appropriate, but the neutral colors make it more wearable.

Mint sweater with jeweled collar

I love this cozy sweater with a touch of sparkle. I received this one as a Christmas gift a few years ago, and I love how wintry and cheerful it is.

Festive black dress

I wanted to purchase a new dress to wear to an upcoming wedding, and I settled upon a slightly more festive black dress from Boden (read their ethics policy here.) I love the lace sleeves, and I’m excited for it to arrive so I can try it on and make sure it works! I’m thinking about rounding up some party dresses for a blog post, so let me know if that is something you would be interested in!

Christmas sweatersChristmas Capsule Wardrobe














What holiday pieces are you looking forward to wearing this season? I’d love to hear!


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4 thoughts on “Christmas Capsule Wardrobe Updates

  1. I love your festive touches to your capsule wardrobe. You have great style.

    Thank you for linking to Boden. I have loved their clothes for awhile but did not think they were ethically produced. Happy to put them back on my shopping list.

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