Christmas Tree Shopping

While I was home for Thanksgiving, my family took an excursion to find a Christmas tree! We always go to the same garden center, and they have pet monkeys. It is kind of magical. We had loads of fun wondering around looking at and smelling the trees and managed to find the perfect tree for our house. I have to miss the actual decorating of the tree this year, but was glad to be home for the tree hunting festivities. I took along my camera and had a great time playing with my new 50mm lens!christmastree10


christmastree3This girl is just so photogenic. Ugh.




christmastree8My crazy brothers. I love them.


christmastree4Silly siblings.




I hope you all have had a wonderful start to your December! This really is the most wonderful time of the year. I’ve been up to my ears in rehearsals every night as well as preparing for my jury and exams, but I’m thankful that this semester is coming to a close and that an entire glorious month of vacation is waiting for me at the end of it.

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