Consumerism, Contentment, and Blogging

As I mentioned in this post, I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction of my blog lately. As I have been thinking about blogging in general, a few things have struck me. One of those is the heavy emphasis on ‘stuff’ in a lot of blogs, including my own. IMG_7716

There are a lot of blogs I read that leave me wanting to go out and buy the latest lipstick, stationary, or sewing pattern, and I also feel the pressure to consistently share cool new ‘stuff’ on my blog. In my own life, I’ve noticed this has bred discontentment, something I am actively fighting right now. So many blog posts are things like wishlists, and outfit posts always include those handy links to where the too cute clothing items came from.

A question I have been asking myself lately is: how can I use this blog to inspire creativity, making do, and frugality rather than to encourage consumerism? As I’ve taken extra time to focus on what I’m grateful for, I have also struggled with how to come up with fun post ideas that inspire contentment instead of extravagance. Initially my thought was that posts without new things to share might be boring, but as I’ve thought about the blogs that leave me feeling inspired, I’ve realized that is so far from true.

So to put this ideal into practice, here are a few ideas that have been brewing in my head for posts in the future.

1. In progress projects

I love getting glimpses into what other crafters are making, and the excitement of seeing the finished result. When it comes to my own in progress projects, I tend to think they aren’t good enough to share until they are done and have turned out just as I envisioned them. I’m hoping that to share them as I work on them will keep my blog more realistic and also provide some creative inspiration.

2. Life photos

The way pictures capture memories is something so incredible. I believe that taking pictures is a wonderful way to treasure the little moments of life and to find contentment. I’ve normally steered clear of lifestyle photography here on my blog because my family is a bit on the internet shy side. In spite of that, I’m sure I can come up with some things to share that will make me happy to look back on.

3. Gratitude lists

I’ve started a personal project of listing ten things I’m grateful for everyday. While I won’t share all of these, I think it would be fun to post compiled lists occasionally.

These are just some thoughts. What are yours? Have you noticed a difference between blogs that inspire you and blogs that don’t? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Consumerism, Contentment, and Blogging

  1. Oh, I love this. Having just started my blog you have provided me with some wonderful inspiration. Not that I had anything to show off or brag about, but I love thinking that maybe I could inspire someone to enjoy the little things in life that so often make it sweet.


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