Counting My Blessings

Oh hey there blog. Remember before the semester started how I used to write on you semi regularly? Remember how I even thought I would blog every day? Ha. But don’t fret. I have not given you up all together.
A few blessings from recent days:

Making an A on my first Aural Skills quiz of the semester. I couldn’t stop smiling! What a blessing.

Reading Love Beyond Reason by John Ortberg. You should go read it right now.

Fall scented wax melt in my candle warmer.

Listening to records.

Carmel coffee.


Time with friends.

An Anne of Green Gables marathon with my roommate.

Signing up for my first 5k! (Some of you may remember this was on my list of goals for the year.)

A professor who loves the fact that I knit and always checks to make sure I bring knitting to class.

A sudden rain shower.

Meeting the freshman here on campus.

Having my own baby brother as one of those freshmen.

Getting back to my church here and Refuge. They refresh my soul.

Feeling victory.

I could go on, but I just wanted to count a few blessings. I’m sure I would bore you if I tried to list them all.

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