Decluttering: My Shoes & Accessories

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We’ve come to the final part of my decluttering series, and I wanted to say thank you for all of your kind words on this little project! I’m so glad it’s inspiring you to clean out parts of your life, and I’ve so enjoyed putting this together. For the last installment in my decluttering series, I decided to tackle my shoes, handbags, and jewelry. I don’t clear out these items regularly, so I was curious to see how I used what I had, and what items were just taking up extra space in my life. Accessories are not something I own a lot of, but I was surprised at how much I had accumulated that I just don’t get use out of.

Ready to cut down your shoe collection or minimize your jewelry box? Let’s do it!

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Have you tackled any decluttering projects recently? Share in the comments so we can all take inspiration!


Thank you so much for reading this week!

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