Decluttering: My Wardrobe & 5 Tips to Declutter Yours

How to declutter your wardrobeFor the second part of my decluttering series, I decided to work on the clothes in my closet. As most of you know, I wear a capsule wardrobe that is fairly minimal, but as I get ready to switch things up for the next three months, now seemed like a great time to assess what I get use out of, and what I don’t.  Once again, I filmed the process for you so you can see how I decide what to keep and what to part with, and I’ve also compiled a list of tips to help you clean out your own closet!

A streamlined wardrobe, here we come!

decluttering your wardrobe capsule wardrobe organization






5 Tips to declutter your wardrobe
  1. Start by pulling out all of your favorite clothes. Separating out the pieces that you love and know you don’t want to part with will put the other items in perspective.
  2. Look at what’s left, and ask yourself when was the last time you wore each item. If you have trouble remembering, let it go.
  3. Look for damaged items. Will you repair them or have them repaired? Be honest with yourself, and let them go.
  4. Look for items that don’t fit anymore. Most of us have a few of these tucked away in our wardrobes, and they really aren’t serving us any purpose.
  5. Look for items that aren’t consistent with your personal style. Maybe you bought something because of an amazing print or color, but you don’t enjoy wearing prints or bright colors. Pass these items on to someone who will find value in them!

cleaning out your wardrobe

Be sure to stay tuned for the final part of my decluttering series, and thank you so much for reading today!

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