DIY Makeup Brushes

Most of us ladies have a few makeup brushes in our possession. Most of mine are from different EcoTools sets I’ve purchased over the years, and while they certainly are not ugly, they kind of lack personality. I decided to remedy this with a pretty paint job. This is a super simple and fun DIY. Why not try jazzing up your own brushes?


I used Martha Stewart paints in the colors Sea Glass, Brushed Bronze, Beetle Black, and Wedding Cake. To actually paint the brushes, I used this cute mini roller and a fine detail brush from Joann.





It took about three coats to cover completely. Be sure to let the brushes dry well between each coat!
To give a cohesive feel, I painted the metal part of each brush with the bronze color. The paint covered metal very well, which was pleasant surprise.


I absolutely love the final result!








2 thoughts on “DIY Makeup Brushes

    1. Thank you Alexandra! I wonder if there is some kind of sealer you could use over the plastic to keep it from scratching? I love how mine turned out!

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