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Hi friends! I’ve recently started sharing a few sewing tutorials over on the YouTube channel, and I thought I’d start to post them here on the blog as well. Several of you have expressed interest in learning how to sew or in getting back into making your own clothes, so I hope you find these videos helpful and inspiring! Today’s project? A pleated midi skirt! This particular skirt was inspired by one I saw at Club Monaco a while back, and I love how it turned out. There is no pattern required, and it would be a great beginning project.

diy-midi-skirt-with-pockets-sewing-tutorial easy-diy-pleated-midi-skirt midi-skirt-video-tutorial-easyeasy-diy-skirt midi-skirt-with-pockets

How to find the measurements for your skirt pieces

This skirt is built from three rectangular pieces; the front, and two back pieces.

Measure around your waist, and divide that number in half. For the front of the skirt, take that measurement, and add two inches for each pleat you want to create (mine has seven!) Next add 5/8 of an inch twice, to allow for the side seams. This number is the width of the skirt front!

For the back, take half your waist measurement, and divide it in half again. Now add two inches for each pleat again (I did two on each side of the back,) and then add 5/8 of an inch twice to allow for the side and back seams. This measurement is the width of one back piece.

To find the length of your rectangles, decide how long you would like your skirt. One way to do this is to measure a skirt you love wearing, and add a bit of extra length for the hem. I cut mine to 27 inches.


Rifle Paper Co. cotton, similar navy cotton sateen.


Have you ever made a skirt? I’d love to hear!


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  1. I’m discovering basic aline/round skirts rather than pleats and gathers look good on my figure. However, the skirt is VERY cute for those who can pull it off. I really love the lined pocket detail. Details make a difference.

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