Evening Snapshot

Ah, sweet evening of only a little bit of homework! Here is how I am spending it. Also doing laundry, but that’s hardly fun. I’ve been watching far too much Doctor Who for my own good, but season five is so wonderful, and the with the new season coming out, I feel justified:) Other then that, I’ve been knitting away on my cable shrug which I hope to finished before I die, and sipping some hot tea. Yes, it gets cold in my room, and if it didn’t, I would drink the tea anyway!

I have both a theory and aural skills quiz tomorrow. I don’t think this is fair, but the professors didn’t ask me:o) Tomorrow I will try to finally get some pictures of my dorm room to show you all! Until then, I’m off to watch more of my beloved Doctor.

 Me and him. Time and space. You watch us…errr…I’ll watch him run.

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