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fair ethical fashion at anthropologie

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I remember when I first started incorporating more fair fashion into my life being overwhelmed at the prospect of changing everywhere I shopped. So many ethical brands operate exclusively online or in Europe, and I cringed a little at the thought of not being able to walk into my favorite shops and try on pretty things. Thankfully however, many mainstream retailers are beginning to stock a variety of ethical brands, and one of my favorites is Anthropologie. I’ve loved shopping at Anthropologie for years for their uniquely detailed pieces, and I was curious to research what they carried in more detail. Today I’m excited to share some wonderful fair pieces with you.


My search began in the fall when I fell in love with a vest on the rack at Anthropologie. I assumed it’s label would say “made in China,” but decided to take a peek. To my pleasant surprise, it was made in the USA! That label sparked my curiosity, and I’ve found so many great fair brands since then. The great thing about Anthropologie, is that their buyers source products from independent companies and artisans. Not everything they carry is what I would term fair fashion, but they have some wonderful options. Ethical favorites like Veja and Baggu are available, as well as some smaller independent brands. Below I’ve compiled some of my favorite pieces from the current collection. Click on the image to shop!

Do you have any suggestions for others stores you’d like to see in a post like this? I’d love to hear!


4 thoughts on “Fair Fashion at Anthropologie

  1. I’ve always wondered about Anthropologie! So glad you posted about this — now I know I can still venture into that pretty store, haha. <3

  2. That is exactly how I feel! I find it so sad I can’t go look around in stores in town anymore! We don’t have Anthropolgie here in Belgium, but you have inspired me to look at the labels in some of my favourite stores. You never know what surprises you’ll find.
    Keep up the good work!!

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