Fall Essentials

Madewell Billie Boot Black Leather

Fall is pretty great isn’t it? I love the coziness that’s so prevalent this time of year, and I’ve already found myself pulling out some of my favorite fall things to wear, read, smell, and sip. In the spirit of October, I’ve compiled a quick list of my fall essentials to share with you today!

Fall Essentials

Red Apple Lipstick Wine & Dandy

Autumn Essentials

comfortable boots

I love a good pair of ankle boots to add an autumn flair to any outfit. I’m still loving my Madewell Billie Boots, and you can read my more in depth thoughts on them in this post.

a chunky cabled sweater

I love a good cable knit sweater, especially in a cream shade like this one I got at Banana Republic last year. I love the classic fit and the exposed zipper detail.

a warm and cozy candle

Anthropologie’s Pumpkin Soufflé candle is so so good! It’s a sweet, warm scent with a hint of almost butterscotch that is cozy and oh-so fall appropriate. A chunky cable knit sweater

hot tea from my favorite fall tea set

I’ve had this deep red and cream tea set for years, and I always find myself reaching for it in the autumn. I love that the saucers have extra space for a treat with tea– it’s perfect for when I’m curled up reading a book.

a beautiful wine shade of lipstick

Wine shades are some of my favorites in the lipstick department, and I’m so in love with Wine & Dandy c/o Red Apple Lipstick this year!

a favorite book

I’m currently re-reading Anne of the Island, one of my all time favorite books, and it just fills me with autumnal nostalgia. I first read it the fall of my senior year of high school, and I’m enjoying it every bit as much this time through.

a knitting project

Knitting is one of my favorite things to do any time of the year, but especially in the fall. I love turning on a favorite show or movie and knitting away with a cup of tea. It’s the epitome of cozy.

English Breakfast img_8142

What are some of your fall essentials? I’d love to hear!




12 thoughts on “Fall Essentials

  1. I’m still wearing summer clothes, I get too easily warm. So, its funny seeing all these fall posts, and I’m like, its too warm!

    Anne of the Island is one of my favorite of the Anne series too. Still working on the boot issue, its an issue for me what with my wide feet, short legs, and pickiness.

    I love the idea of candles, but I would burn the house down. I do need one because I am planning on a first time pumpkin carving with friends; I’ll put my lantern in a constantly regulated part of the house.

    1. Isn’t Anne of the Island wonderful? I think it’s just the perfect autumn read– or any Anne book for that matter! Hehe, I totally understand your concern with candles! I usually just burn mine when I’m working from home because I don’t leave the room I work in too much!
      Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

    2. I have the same problem with boots! Wide feet and really stringent criteria. I’ve been trying my best to shop ethically and sustainably and it is HARD with wide feet. I also won’t touch anything that isn’t super comfy (I.e. arch support, secure, not clammy, waterproof, and not fully flat). It will be a long hunt. I will find it, though: my TOMS wedge booties are perfect for days when I’m standing but not walking too much.

      By the way, candles! Try the fake ones from IKEA. They have the coolest mechanism to turn on and they’re really pretty. If you want a scent, you can use a diffuser. 🙂

  2. There’s something about finally getting to wear fuzzy socks in my every day attire that makes me happy. Almost like wearing a little bit of your pajamas out in public. I’ve also been loving decorating this year! I finally have a place of my own where I’m able to put out whatever I want without annoying roommates, and I’m soaking up every minute of it. Already saving up for the boatloads of cash I know I’ll spend when Christmas rolls around.
    I love that lipstick! I had never heard of the brand, but now I’m definitely going to check out some of their other products.
    Lovely post!

    1. Yes to fuzzy socks! Aren’t they the best? Aw, that’s so great to have a place of your own to decorate! I’m currently dreaming of that– soon!! For now I just stalk all the beautiful decor on Pinterest, but I’m hoping to do a little Christmas display of my own this year. Thanks so much for commenting!

  3. I need to get a fisherman’s sweater. I love the style, and yours is lovely! I’m super picky about my sweaters though, and I haven’t landed on just the right one yet, so the search continues…:)

    Anne of the Island is my favorite from the series! Love it. <3

  4. Fall is my absolute favorite season but I’m afraid we won’t get one… haha! I can’t WAIT to bring out my cable knit sweaters!! I switched out my closet this weekend but it is still a little warm here….
    I’ve also never really used many candles but I really want to this fall!

    Lee – leethrifts.com

  5. Yes to a good book, a cup of tea and a cozy sweater! Currently I am still on the hunt for a pair of ankle boots. I would say that my other fall essential would be my coloured opaque tights. I wear skirts and dresses most days, so my coloured tights are essential for keeping warm and stylish in fall time!
    The Artyologist

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