Favorite Things // No. 2


– our gardenias are blooming right now and they smell divine! –

It’s Friday! Yay! I have quite a busy weekend ahead of me. My little sister is graduating high school tomorrow, and I’m prepping to leave town next week. I’m excited to get some traveling in this summer, and I’ll be sure to share more on that later!

On to the favorites:

– These editions of Jane Austen’s novels are so whimsical and pretty. I love the colors and the designs- how many Jane Austen books are too many Jane Austen books? 😉

– Lisa Eldridge’s most recent makeup tutorial is so modern and fresh. I love the inspiration to wear a red lip during the day, and I’m sure I’ll be trying that out this summer!

– I’ve been watching Pushing Daisies over the past few weeks, and love how fun, different, and funny the show is. Plus Chuck’s vintage dresses are to die for.

– I made this sour cream cake for Brynna’s birthday picnic, and it was a big hit with everyone who tried it. I had made it years ago and had forgotten how good it was! The recipe was originally from Victoria Magazine, one of my favorites!

– How cute is this succulent in a tea cup kit from OhNoRachio on Etsy?

How was your week friends? Any fun weekend plans? What were some of your favorite things this week?

Happy weekend!


10 thoughts on “Favorite Things // No. 2

  1. Ooo I’ll have to try Pushing Daisies! And I’m going to check out that makeup tutorial. Goodness knows I could use some help in that department (:

  2. Such a lovely post! Now I want to buy pretty books, spend time putting on my make up like Lisa, and watch Pushing Daisies! But I am doing something even better this weekend, worshipping Jesus at high school camp!

    My favorites this week would include tea parties, journaling, reading The Two Towers, watching Tomorrowland, and thinking about my two favorite words (see my most recent post)!

  3. oh my! I forgot how much I loved pushing daisies! Where are you watching the episodes?

    I’m currently in England, and it’s cold. We were going to go to the beach today but instead we had to stay in. 🙁

    Kirsty xx


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