Featured Etsy Shop: Country Handmaiden

Today I am featuring Elizabeth’s lovely Etsy shop: Country Handmaiden! I first ‘met’ Elizabeth through the Etsy-doll-dressing-world, and soon discovered her absolutely charming blog, which I assure you, I visit often.

Let’s take a peek inside her shop, shall we? 
Ground Oatmeal and Lavender Rabbit Mold Cold Process Soap
{Beautiful hand made soap! This particular bar features ground oats and lavender. Lavender no your forte? She also has Lemongrass! Also, it is molded into a charming bunny design!}
Lilac Handspun Yarn - 3.8oz
{Some beautiful hand spun yarn. And we all know how I feel about yarn!}

ORIGINAL Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice Regency Watercolor
{An original watercolor inspired by Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice. What could be lovelier?}
Anne of Avonlea Schoolteacher Ensemble
 {This is one of my personal favorites: An Anne of Avonlea 18″doll ensemble. I so would have loved this when I was growing up. Or now, for that matter!}

So why don’t you go pay a visit to Miss Elizabeth’s lovely shop and blog. I’m quite sure you will enjoy it!

P.S. Would you ladies like to see shop/blog features more often?

One thought on “Featured Etsy Shop: Country Handmaiden

  1. My goodness, Lauren, I never saw this! Thank you so, so very much for featuring me, I am quite honored. Now I will definitely be doing a shop feature on my blog for your beautiful shop! 🙂

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