February Photo-a-day: Week 1

Hi friends! I promise I will eventually start posting things other than photo-a-day posts, but for now, here’s another one. 😉

I’m excited to be in the second month of consistently taking a picture everyday, and I’ve noticed my creativity expanding as I’ve worked on this project.

february12-1-15: I was feeling pretty uninspired on this day, but managed to take a random photo of one of my favorite perfumes.  february22-2-15: I walked outside to the prettiest sunlight filtering through the trees. I love trees, sunlight, and bokeh.  This may be my favorite from the week!february32-3-15: I was bad and forgot to use my real camera, so an Instagram photo is filling in. That counts, right? I got an order in from Madewell and am pretty much obsessed with the darker grey v-neck. I may or may not have worn it three times already.  february42-4-15: This is what I call my knitspiration board. It hangs over my desk as one of a quad of cork boards, and serves to hold anything yarn related.  february52-5-15: Reading blogs and drinking English Breakfast tea.  february62-6-15: I had a brief flirtation with black nail polish last week, and I’m absolutely head over heels in love with Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black. How did two perfumes make it into two of the seven photos this week? Apparently I’ve been into smelling nice lately. 😉 february72-7-15: Brynna came down to spend Saturday, and we went for a hike as per tradition. Also as per tradition I used it as an excuse to practice people pictures. There are a lot more, so they may merit their own post.

I’m linking up at Natasha’s blog again today!

How was your week friends? In spite of catching a cold, mine was great! I like February so far!

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