February Photo-a-day: Week 2

Hi friends! I hope you’re week was wonderful! For me, it was one of the busiest school weeks I’ve ever experienced. I was exhausted by the end of it, but had a wonderful weekend recuperating and gearing up for the new week. In spite of the business, I was able to get my photos taken for the week- while I would consider one a bit of a dud. 😉  pink flower2-8-15: These bushes on campus have been blooming in the past week reminding how much I’ve missed color this winter. twinings english breakfast2-9-15: A hectic week requires tea. Lots of tea.you make beautiful things2-10-15: My school hosts a week called Christian Focus Week every spring semester, and one night during the week is always devoted to worship, coffee, and painting. They were out of brushes, so this was done with coffee stirrers! world religions homework2-11-15: One of my projects for the week was finishing a research paper on women and the Hindu religion for my World Religions class. I also presented the paper this week which was scary, but a great experience! red and pink yarn2-12-15: Pretty yarns in Valentine’s hues. february132-13-15: This is the picture I consider a bit of a fail. I meant to take one on my camera, but realized today the only photo I took was on my phone and was of a ton of food my roommate and I bought/made. Keepin’ it real y’all. This was our Friday night with the addition of Netflix. No we did not eat all of this. 😉 sheepish heart bomb 20152-14-15: This year I had a blast participating in Meredith’s Sheepish Heart Bomb! I made three crochet hearts and put them out and about around my campus. The rest of my Valentine’s was spent exploring a new bakery, doing homework, watching kiddos at church, and watching The Breakfast Club with my roommate. A pretty great day if you ask me!

I’m linking up with Natasha this week!

What about you friends? What did you do for Valentine’s day?

8 thoughts on “February Photo-a-day: Week 2

  1. What a wonderful set of photos! I love those flowers and you are so correct, a hectic week does require lots of tea! Nothing is as calming or as grounding as taking five minutes out of your schedule to sit quietly and just sip all your worries away!

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