February Photo-a-day: Week 3

I’m finding it hard to believe that we are beginning the last week of February today! It’s been such a busy but wonderful month so far.

I have another week of photos to share with you today. We’ve had our share of cold wintry weather here this week with more possible tonight! I’m making an effort to cherish these last days of winter before spring arrives. february152-15-15: Clouds gathering before the ice started that night.  february162-16-15: I woke up to a bit of a winter wonderland last Monday. I thought the frozen branches were particularly beautiful. february172-17-15: All this ice and snow has had me drinking even more tea than usual. This cuppa was so hot that it fogged my camera lens. I think it gave the photo an interesting grainy effect.  february182-18-15: I almost forgot to get a picture on this day, but managed to snap one of my feet. 😉 Socks have been a necessity lately, and I of course love this polka dotted pair. february192-19-15: On Thursdays I have both a violin lesson and a string ensemble rehearsal, so I thought a photo of my violin would appropriately capture the day. february202-20-15: I went home for the weekend to celebrate my (not so) little brother’s 20th birthday! Having a younger sibling in his twenties is making me feel just a teensy bit old.  Also, there was Reese’s cake. It’s pretty much the best thing ever.february212-21-15: My sister and I did a bit of thrifting this weekend, and I managed to score these fun finds! I thought the record was particularly fitting for Oscar weekend, and the combinations of stripes, polka dots, and chambray on the tops made me pretty darn happy. Also, I’ve loved this particular mug pattern for a long time and was thrilled to find it for $1.50!

I’m linking up with Natasha this week- be sure to check out her photo-a-day posts!

How was your week friends? Any exciting happenings?

4 thoughts on “February Photo-a-day: Week 3

  1. I love ice on tree limbs, it’s so pretty, like they’re encased in glass.

    I also understand feeling old. My brother (and youngest sibling) turned twenty this past year.

    Beautiful photos!

    – :Lisa

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