February Photo-a-day: Week 4

Wow, what a week! The last week of February was long and unpredictable. We had more snow than I think I’ve ever seen, and it was absolutely beautiful. It also caused class cancellation which was a bonus. I studied a lot, knitted and crocheted a lot, and drank a lot of hot chocolate.

This was the first week in the photo-a-day that I missed a day, which I was a bit disappointed about, but I’m making up for Friday’s photo with two photos from Wednesday.february222-22-15: I’m working on a little gallery wall in my room, and this was the progress as of Sunday. I’m loving how it is coming together, and may even dedicate a whole post to it when I finish it!  february232-23-15: I got some lovely cotton yarns in recently, and started knitting up some dish cloths. Hand knitted dish cloths make doing the dishes much more fun in my book. Bright colors are also helpful.  february242-24-15: I spent a lot of time studying for a listening quiz last week. These are quizzes where we hear a brief clip of a piece, and identify the composer, title, genre, and date. Keeping all of the opus numbers strait in my head is a challenge, and I’m glad I only have one more in my college career.  february25february2522-25-15: It started snowing Wednesday morning. Audrey, my roommate (pictured above,) Katelyn, our suitemate, and I had a grand old time running around taking pictures in the snow. Then we headed in for hot chocolate, Netflix, and blankets. It was glorious.february262-26-15: I worked a lot on this little crochet project last week. Photos of the finished project coming soon!  february28 2-28-15: Audrey came home with me for the weekend. We spent time with my family, went to see a movie, did some shopping, made a Starbucks run with my sister Keeley, watched Father of the Bride, and ate quite a bit of food. Food is one of the best things about home. 😉 It was such a relaxing weekend, and I actually feel ready to take on a new school week.

I’m linking up at Natasha’s today!

Happy March! I’m excited for a new month of photo taking!

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  1. The “Hello” is pretty darn cute! You can have some of our snow. I’m tired of not seeing the bottom step to the deck anymore. 🙂

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