Finals, Jurys, & Performances, oh my!

Well hello there! I’m still alive and kicking. Let me tell you something. The last two weeks of college are insane, most especially if you are in music. There, you are prepared. I took an aural skills exam as well as a piano technique exam today. I have a performance on Friday, my jury is on Monday, and after that (and finals) sweet freedom! Not that I would give up these experiences for anything. There is nothing like getting out of your comfort zone for growth!

Well girls, it’s Christmas time! My absolute favorite time of year! My campus is all decked out for the season…I need to get some pictures for you all. My sweet mommy sent me a fantastic package yesterday chock full of Christmas candy, Christmas tea, Christmas hot chocolate, and pretty much anything else edible, festive, and nice you can think of. This truly is the most wonderful time of the year. I can’t wait to be reunited with my family in just a couple of weeks, and to have a lovely long break. Our concert choir which I am a part of but on a Christmas show last week, which was super fun, than last night we had a wonderful choir and scripture reading service.

I’m thinking about trying to make myself something to wear for Christmas this year. This vintage card is serving as my muse right now. I’m thinking of sewing up a red circle skirt and pairing it with a polka-dot button down, or something similar. Cute isn’t it?

Vintage Christmas Card- I want her outfit! 

I will be bringing you a lot more holiday cheer and inspiration once my life calms down a bit, as I’m sure you ladies understand. Look for gift ideas, song features, pretty wrappings, and holiday fashions soon!
Wishing you a wonderful start to the season,
-Lauren <3

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