Finished Project: Cafe au Lait Macaron

 From that title, you would think this was a recipe. But no, it’s just another sewing project. I made my first version of the Macaron Dress from Colette Patterns! I have to say that I kind of love it. It’s different and fun, but super-duper comfortable. I made it in knit and changed some of the seam finishes to make it more of a tee shirt dress. I also added some buttons and changed the sleeves up a bit- only because I stretched them out to much when I did the hem:-)

Dresses with pockets are the best!

I had never made anything with pockets before, but it was really easy!

Wow that is wrinkled! I guess that’s what I get for wearing it while working on a research paper.

What I’m wearing:
Dress: made by me.
Shoes: DSW.
Toenail Polish: Tart Deco by Essie.
I made this particular pattern up because I’m trying to collect some items to help transition my wardrobe to a more cold weather friendly one. Living in the desert for eleven years keeps you from collecting too many cold weather pieces, but now I’m moving so I need to work on my wardrobe. Anyway, I was playing with how I could wear it in the Fall and this is what I came up with. Nothing fancy; just my favorite riding boots and a comfy cardigan. And yes, you can wear black and brown together *read this in Stacy London’s voice* “Because black and brown are both what, Clinton?” *now as both Stacy and Clinton, “Neutrals!”
Sorry for the blurry photos. We had some camera trouble, but I wanted to show you anyway. Yes I did this in the air conditioned house. I’m not too crazy, just a little;-)

What I’m wearing now:
Dress: Made by me.
Cardi: J. Crew
Boots: Very, very, indescribably old. I think they came from Marshall’s. I love them to death:)
So there it you have it, another project. It’s not the only one I’ve finished this week so look out for more soon!
P.S. We are up to 40 followers!!! Yay! Thanks so much everyone who has posted about my blog, and a hearty welcome to my new followers! I hope you will stick around:-)

8 thoughts on “Finished Project: Cafe au Lait Macaron

  1. I love the style and the colors! I love the layered version too–even if it is black and brown! 😛 I think when a brown is light enough it looks absolutely fine with black. Dark brown, however, is a whole different story.


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