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Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been absent for so long! I went on a road trip last weekend and am now writing to you from the opposite side of the country from the one I normally write from. My family usually spends a few weeks of the Summer in the state we are from, so that’s what we are doing write now. This is also where I will be living in the Fall! Exciting! I will be taking lots of pretty tree related pictures soon, I have a feeling:-)
Anyway, on to the projects! 
I finished this top last week and wore it out today for the first time. I love it! Necklaces like the one I’m wearing can be found in my Etsy shop.
Pattern: The Taffy blouse, by Colette Patterns
Fabric: Silk dupioni which I hand washed for a more ‘drapey’ effect.
Alterations: None! I’ve had very good luck with the fit on the top patterns from Colette Patterns!
Make Again? Yep! I’ve already got the fabric for another version:-)

Alrighty, project two! I made this little top up in an evening! I did a first version of this top here and liked it so much I wanted more. This time I played with some embellishments. I came up with a sort of tuxedo/bow tie look for the front using a bow made from my binding material and two buttons covered with the same fabric. I love the way it looks with my crazy honeybee blazer from Anthropologie. It’s kind of like and insane feminine tux. And bow ties are cool.

Pattern: Sorbetto, by Colette Patterns. It’s a free download on their website!
Fabric: Mint green cotton sateen for the main part, and cream plaid silk for the binding and trim.
Alterations: None.
Make Again? Yes! It’s such a quick and easy pattern, and I want more of these:-)

Okay, here we are at the last project I’m showing you today. I finished knitting my headband! Between a road trip and my obsession with Doctor Who (just started season three!) I’ve had a lot of knitting time. I finished this up a couple of days ago. Of course it’s way out of season, but I think it will come in handy this Fall/Winter. There is a pattern for matching hand warmers I might have to try out as well.
Pattern: Berry headband, from Aran Knits.
 Problems: I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to make the knots, but a bit of searching online and I had it figured out. Other than that it was pretty simple. I love the texture!

 I hope you all have a fabulous week! Stay cool:-)

10 thoughts on “Finished Projects!

  1. Your Colette tops are lovely! I’ve been eyeing some of their patterns for a while, but I need to save up to be able to afford them :/ The headband turned out lovely, too – good job on figuring out a new technique!

    (What did you think of the finale of Season 2? I practically bawled my eyes out the first time I watched it.)

    1. Thanks! I’ve wanted to get some of their patterns too. My mom bought the sewing book which includes a few patterns, so I traced those off, but I still want to buy some…maybe when my Etsy shop gets going:-)

      I thought it was really sad but sweet too. I loved Rose! And I really didn’t like that the Doctor didn’t finish what he was saying…ah well…onward! 😉

  2. I love that plaid on your Sorbetto. And I wouldn’t have thought to use dupioni for the Taffy, but it looks great. I never think about washing silk; that was a good idea!

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