First week and Weekly Pins {6}

Wow, I’m finished with my first week living here! I have to say that so far, I absolutely love it! I love classes, I love living somewhat on my own, and I just love college life.

This past week consisted of going to classes, an awesome student led Thursday worship service which they have once a week, practicing piano, meeting new people, and watching Tangled with some of said people. Note to college girls out there: if you are seeking friends, hang a Tangled poster on your door. They will come.

Anyway, my roommate and I get along well. She is in band which actually leaves me with the room to my self for most afternoons. That is something novel to me having never had a room to myself. When she is in the room, we talk about Doctor Who and blare the Wicked soundtrack. It’s fun:)

 This morning I visited the church my brother and sister go to which was fun. It was also insanely crowded since everyone from the local colleges is visiting churches right now, but I’m cool with that. I’ve found plenty of time to knit and drink tea. These little water heater things are brilliant! Also, the weather has been gorgeous so yesterday I took my book outside to read. It was nice:)
This afternoon has consisted of homework doing and hot chocolate drinking as it is a rainy day. Homework oddly seems much easier in college than it did when I was home schooled. My mom says that means I was well prepared, and I like to agree:-)

Starting tonight is our schools annual week of girls asking guys to different events which I will be skipping out on, and doing laundry tonight instead:) I’m looking forward to the dorms being quiet this week!

And now I shall leave you with my top five favorites from Pinterest for the week. Most of which shall be related to Autumn as my roomie and I are contemplating decorating the dorm for the season. We are determined to have the most festive room on our floor at all seasons. 
Pretty pullover by blackbirdtees on etsy.
{I just love this sweatshirt from Black Bird Tees on Etsy. Pinned here.}
glitter pumpkins
{Glitter pumpkins– what a cute idea! Pinned here.}
Love this feeling!
{Comfy and cozy. Pinned here.}
Autumn Glory.... 
{Beautiful trees, pinned here.}
{No, we can’t have candles, but we could do something similar. Pinned here.}

3 thoughts on “First week and Weekly Pins {6}

  1. Bahaha, I giggled when I read what you said about college homework being easier than homeschool homework! I said the exact same thing to my mother in my first quarter at college. 😛 sounds like college life is going well for you!

    And I love the pins.(:


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