From my dorm room:)

     Yep, I’m writing to you from my dorm room! I’m all moved in here at school, and really enjoying campus life so far! It’s a bit challenging for me being surrounded by people after being home schooled, but it’s going to be really good for me, I can already tell. I’ve met some great people, and am excited to start classes!

     I spent some time in the practice rooms yesterday and today which is really fun. I was playing a hymn in one room, and from the three around me I could here a girl singing Italian opera, a guy singing If I Can’t Love Her from the Broadway version of Beauty and the Beast, and another girl singing I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables! It was really cool:)

    But yes, in spite of the excitement around here, I do miss my family already. Though it’s not as hard as I thought it would be to be gone. I tend to expect the worst, I think! The wonderful thing about being at a Christian school like this one is that I feel like I’m at church events most of the time. It’s really wonderful to be surrounded by Christian young people:)
     So on that happy note, I shall leave you. I’m making a good old pot of tea, and looking forward to enjoying while talking to my bestie on the phone!

P.S. The weather here is gorgeous! Another good point in this state’s favor:-)

5 thoughts on “From my dorm room:)

  1. That sounds amazing…I hope you have an enjoyable and blessed time at school! I should have started school today as well, but I opted to start in the second half of the term since I’ve been so busy! 😛 I am excited to start, though!

    Which college are you going to?


  2. Thanks ladies! While I’m not totally comfortable saying where I go to school, I can tell you my major:) I’m a theory/composition major and a piano principle. I also hope to add some Worship Arts to that as well:o)

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