The Gallery Wall

If you follow me on Pinterest, you have probably noticed my love for the gallery wall trend. Over the past few years of dorm living, I haven’t spent much time on the aesthetics of my dorm room, but as I anticipate moving into an apartment later this year, I’ve found myself more interested in interior decorating. With that in mind, I set out to create a little gallery wall in my room that would be easy to transport to my apartment. Everything in my wall was either made by me or was super affordable, and I hope it might inspire some of you to make your own!  gallery-wall mini-polaroids makers-gonna-make-print gallery-wall-2 jane-austen-painting floral-letter-diy flower-embroiderygallery-wall-3I designed the quote prints in Gimp incorporating some of my watercolor flowers, and framed them in some old frames I had. I love how these frames are the same style but different shapes. It keeps it interesting but still cohesive. I hung them with simple silver tacks and green satin ribbon and love how they look!

The floral letter was inspired by Paige’s tutorial, and I’m in love with how it turned out! I bought the flowers on sale at Hobby Lobby and cut the letter from an old shoebox.

The “blossom” embroidery piece is one I made a few years ago, and it ties in well with the floral theme of the wall.

The little water color picture is actually a note card I bought years ago at the Jane Austen house in England. It makes me so happy to see it up on my wall!

The last element is one of my favorites. I recently got an order of mini Polaroid photos from Polabora, and they are just so darn cute. I ordered several from the past ten or so years, and they bring back such great memories. The company included mini clothespins with the photos, so I used those to hang up the pictures and added some leftover flowers from the floral letter.

I’m really pleased with how my wall turned out, and love how inspiring it is to look at!

Have any of you done a gallery wall?

6 thoughts on “The Gallery Wall

  1. I adore your wall! Yes, I do have a gallery wall of sorts, filled with a watercolor painting from a friend, a vintage print, an eccentric 60s hat with cheery daisies on it, and my beautiful calendar that I got for Christmas 🙂


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