How I Plan a Capsule Wardrobe (& a free printable wardrobe planner!)

freecapsulewardrobeplannerHi friends! So since I started wearing and sharing my capsule wardrobes here on the blog, I’ve had several questions about the process of making a capsule wardrobe. With this in mind, today I’m sharing my own process for making a new capsule as well as a printable planner I created for both myself and you guys. The planner echos a lot of what I’ll say in this blog post, and also includes some fun resources such as a list of ethical and sustainable brands, where to shop second hand, and lots of writing space. I hope you find it helpful!

My first step in planning a new season’s capsule is to look at my closet goals. These vary from season to season, and can include things like remixing old pieces, refining my personal style, and trying new trends. I like to list out these goals to help me get a good idea of how my current closet meets or doesn’t meet them.

Next I move on to assessing what I have. I’ll start by looking through my current capsule wardrobe and seeing what pieces will transition well into the next season. For example, this summer I included a dotted denim shirt in my wardrobe that will  pair well with pullover sweaters in the autumn. That piece goes into my new capsule! Once I’ve gone through my clothes from the previous season, I’ll pull out my seasonal items that I’ve stored for the past several months. I’ll go through what I have, see if anything no longer suits me or is my style, and choose what I want to wear that season. Anything that doesn’t fit or is no longer my style gets donated or sent to ThredUp. After I’ve gone through everything, I’ll make a list of all of the pieces I already own that I want to wear for the next season.

While I’m assessing my current wardrobe, I like to take note of the colors I’m including, and create my color scheme from there. This keeps me from making any purchases that won’t work with what I have. For me, five main colors seem to work really well in addition to neutrals.

Now it’s time to shop! I make a list of anything that I feel my wardrobe is missing, and try to determine how I want to purchase it. This season I’ve made a list of items I want to thrift and items to buy new as well as a couple of items I want to make for myself! I’ll be sharing my “to buy” list in an upcoming post. I like to plan what I want to purchase and set a budget before I do any actual shopping. This keeps me from acquiring too many pieces and prevents impulse buys. 😀

I don’t stick to a specific number of items for my capsule wardrobe, but by following these steps I’ve ended up in the 30-40 item range most seasons.

And that’s about all there is to it! I’d love to hear your approach to planning your wardrobe, and I’d also love to know if any of you end up using the planner!

Click here or on the image bellow to download the full pdf file. capsule wardrobe planner

Happy wardrobe planning!


6 thoughts on “How I Plan a Capsule Wardrobe (& a free printable wardrobe planner!)

  1. I love your suggestions!! I come from a family of serious shopaholics (aka entire rooms dedicated just to shoes ?) and I’m fighting to curb the habit before my life becomes ridiculously complicated. Such practical steps and a realistic approach! I can’t wait to use your planner. Thanks so much ?

    1. Thanks so much Kari!! I really hope that the planner is a useful tool! I’ve found the best thing about downsizing is the brain space it frees up. It’s amazing how much energy I spend thinking about thinks I own! I really appreciate you commenting and downloading…best of luck!!

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