How to Shop for Vintage & My Vintage Party Dress Picks

how to shop for vintage clothingSomething about the holiday season always reminds me of my love of vintage clothing styles. Maybe it’s occasions to dress up, watching It’s a Wonderful Life and White Christmas, or listening to crooners sing Christmas tunes, but whatever it is, in December I fall in love with vintage all over again. Today I’m sharing a video full of information on where I shop for vintage, how I know how old the pieces are, and how I incorporate vintage into my minimal closet. You may want to brew yourself some tea or coffee because I’m pretty sure this is the longest video ever to grace my YouTube channel, but I hope you will enjoy it and find it helpful!

Let’s talk vintage!

I also did a little vintage browsing and collected a few holiday appropriate styles for you to peruse. Enjoy!


Do you have any tips for shopping for vintage? Are there any other videos you would like to see me make? I’d love to hear!


2 thoughts on “How to Shop for Vintage & My Vintage Party Dress Picks

  1. Lauren,

    I love all of these pretty vintage pieces. I live in the midwest and don’t find a lot of great vintage pieces here. Occasionally, a great one is found…but it is a rarity in the city I live in and nearby cities.
    I was recently in a local theater production of “Its a Wonderful Life” and we were surrounded by beautiful vintage pieces; dresses, hats….it was a dream and so much fun.
    Thank you for your tips. I’ll keep looking. By the way, your red velvet with the bow….gorgeous.

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