In Which I Make Lemon Curd & Scones

In preparation for the premier of Downton Abbey season 3, I proceeded to make some lemon curd and scones from my new favorite cookbook, The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook. My little sister photographed the event. 😉

The lemon curd was pretty simple to make! It involved heating lemon juice over a double boiler, and adding a mixture of sugar and eggs. At the end of the cooking, cubed butter was melted in and the whole mixture was chilled.

 We tried it that evening while watching the premier, but I must say it was better the next day for breakfast. I love this tea set for the scone saucers. They are so perfect for something to nibble on with tea!

Did you watch the premier? What did you think? I would love to know!

2 thoughts on “In Which I Make Lemon Curd & Scones

  1. OMG, this looks absolutely DELISH-LISH. Instead of having to go through all those steps, I’d much rather have you come over and make it at my apt for me haha and then we can watch Downton haha–can I tempt you with nice sunny florida weather?? haha I loved last week’s Downton (3rd) and I’m looking forward to tonight’s. The premier was very good I thought. Although I liked the first half-up to the wedding-a bit better than the last half (after they got hitched) I have heard there are a number of new characters that will be added throughout so I look forward to more. The second one–I felt so bad for Edith 🙁 poor girl.

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