January Photo-a-Day: Week 1

One of my goals this year is to take a picture everyday. I made this goal mostly because I want to keep learning how to make better use my camera and improve my photography. This week my charger went missing, so most of the photos were taken on my iPhone, but the charger has reappeared, and I’m excited to get back to using my real camera! This post covers a bit more than a week, but the first full week of January. january11/1/15: Grey skies and bare trees. This is the stuff January is made of.january21/2/15: I received some lovely books for Christmas this year!january3rd1/3/15: A friend’s cat had kittens, and my sister and I had a grand old time snuggling them. january41/4/15: Audio books, quilts, knitting, and hot coco make for a cozy afternoon. cranberryskirt71/5/15: I wore these shoes, and posted some outfit photos!january61/6/15: Tea with Brynna at my favorite local place.january71/7/15: I’ve been consistently filling in my Q&A journal so far! I love it!january8th1/8/15: Coffee with Leanna and Brynna. I love getting to catch up with dear friends.january91/9/15: A glorious sunset.january101/10/15: I spent some time working on cleaning up some vintage pieces for the shop. This one’s a stunner.january111/11/15: I broke out my new B.A.I.T shoes for church this Sunday! Aren’t they fun?

I hope January is treating you well!

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