January Photo-a-day: Week 2

I sure am loving this photo-a-day! It’s so much fun to have these little collections of miscellaneous photos from throughout my week. Due to a series of random unfortunate events, these were all taken on my iPhone instead of my DSLR once again, but this week I’m back to using my camera.

One thing that made me giggle looking through these photos is the prominent place hot drinks hold in my life. Four out of the seven photos have something to do with tea or coffee. Oops.

january121-12-15: Fillin’ in the Q&A journal. Boy do I love this thing! Especially with pajamas and tea.  january131-13-15: I got this sweet little lady as a Christmas gift and she is the perfect class companion. My grandparents did mission work in Russia quite often when I was young and used to bring me matryoshka dolls, so this tumbler reminds me of them.  january141-14-15: Of course my laptop has been a good friend lately for doing homework– and maybe watching a little bit of Netflix. 😉 january151-15-15: The French press. Who knew it was so quick and easy to use? Plus it makes one heck of a cup of coffee! january161-16-15: Bow shaped paper clips because reasons.  january171-17-17: A mug from Starbucks in Paris and Samantha Brown’s Passport to Europe. Yes I own DVDs of travel shows. Judge away. This reminded me how much I love Paris and also how much I’d like to return to France.january181-18-15: A peaceful Sunday afternoon out at my friend’s home outside of town.

Natasha, who inspired me with the idea to do a photo-a-day, has started a photo-a-day link up! Naturally I’m linking up– and you should too!

How has your week been friends?

4 thoughts on “January Photo-a-day: Week 2

  1. Oh my stars, those bow paper clips are the epitome of cuteness!! And is that a Rifle Paper Notebook I spy? Goodness, my friend, but do you have the cutest stationary I have ever seen 😀

    I am really enjoying this “photo a day” series! I may just have to join in 😉


    1. Thank you Charlotte! Yes, you are right– that is one of the Rifle Paper notebooks. I have a tiny bit of an obsession with the Rifle Paper Co. They have the cutest stuff, and stationary is my one weakness. 😉
      I hope you do join the photo-a-day! It’s ever so much fun!
      Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely day!

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