January Photo-a-day: Week 3

I’m back with another week of photos! I’m so excited that I’ve kept up with this series for three consistent weeks now! This past week was pretty quiet, but I managed to find picture taking inspiration in any case. There are far fewer photos of mugs etc. this week, but I assure you I’ve had as much coffee and tea as ever. 😉

january191-19-15: Brynna and I decided to use our holiday to hike a local mountain. We had an absolutely beautiful day for it! january211-20-15: I’m a bit obsessed with my phone case from Rifle Paper Co. january20 1-21-15: A chunk of my current closet situation here at school. The percentage of polka dotted clothing in my wardrobe is a bit excessive. january221-22-15: A cold, grey, rainy day.  The kind where you don’t want to go to class, but you do anyway.january231-23-15: I got a new shipment of vintage goodies for the shop! I can’t wait to post them! january241-24-15: I went home for the weekend, and spent a lovely sunny Saturday cleaning up dresses for the shop.  january251-25-15: My little sister and I went on an outfit photo taking walk, and came across a pretty holly bush along the way. I just love these plants. They look so cheery during the winter.

I’m linking up at Natasha’s blog once again!

How was your week friends?

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