July Photo-a-Day: Week 1

It’s back! Can you believe it? After a much longer break then intended, I’m trying once again to take at least one picture every day, and so far this month I’ve been successful! It’s so rewarding to make time to get my camera out each day and make the effort to learn more and be creative.


7-1-15: My desktop essentials.july-2

7-2-15: Zinnias at golden hour. The first thing my mom let me plant as a little girl was a zinnia plant, and I’ve loved them ever since then! This day gets two photos because…july-extra

…this little guy was hopping around the garden while I was taking pictures! july-3

7-3-15: We’ve been having family movie night every Friday this summer, and this week’s choice was Newsies! We loved it, and these three were a little too inspired by the choreography. 😉july-4

7-4-15: We spent a wonderful Fourth with family and fireworks. Funny story, when the fireworks started about six geese got scared and ran into the crowd of people! Oddly the ducks were totally cool with the happenings and just stayed in the lake!  july-5

7-5-15: “Life and love are very precious when both are in full bloom.” Don’t forget to enter the Little Women giveaway! july-6

7-6-15: My dad installed a rope swing in the back yard! I can’t help but feel like Lizzie Bennet whenever I find an outdoor swing. Now if only I could get the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack to follow me around. 🙂

That’s it for today friends! How has your summer been going? I hope you have a wonderful day!

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