Just a Sunday Afternoon.

Hi everyone! It’s an absolutely gorgeous day today! A welcome relief from all the grey coldness. I’ve spent the day going to church, doing laundry, and working on a new blog series for us! I’m about to head outside, though. It’s too nice to stay in!
Anyways, back to the new blog series. I’m planning out a few posts going through Proverbs 31. I’m just going to highlight a few things from the verses, and hopefully we can use the comments to discuss some things! Sound good?
Here is a quick snapshot of my afternoon…I love my Cath Kidston mugs! They just brighten up every day.

Have a wonderful day, and thanks for visiting!

4 thoughts on “Just a Sunday Afternoon.

  1. Hi there! First, thanks for following me on Etsy, and second, that’s how I found your blog!:) I’m your newest follower;) and I look forward to reading your posts!:)

    In Christ,
    Rebecca LeAnne:)

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