Just let me be a flapper…

Oh how I love the 1920’s. The flappers, the bootleggers, The Great Gatsby. It all absolutely intrigues me. The fashions of the jazz age are some of my favorites. It was really the first time that a woman could wear what she wanted.
Paul Poiret : “Allow Paul Poiret to determine what a woman wants to wear.”
Coco Chanel: “You mean what you want them to wear. Are you sure that’s the same thing?” 

That is from one of my favorite movies, Coco Chanel. I don’t watch a few scenes, just fyi:-) There is one scene where Coco and her dear friend Adrienne decide to go for a walk, and not wear corsets. Adrienne is so afraid that they will be arrested. “Everyone is looking at us!” She exclaims. “They are envious.” Returns Coco. I would have to agree. If I where stuck in a corset, I would be too!

‘Scandalous’ outfits!
Coco pinning up a ‘short’ hemline.

That to me is part of the beauty of the fashions of the 20’s. The graceful freedom of the silhouette is stunning. Fashion designers were no longer lacing and squeezing women into a shape that they weren’t, and which was harming their health. (“Feminine weakness and fainting spells are the direct result of our confining young girls to the house, bent over their needlework, and restrictive corsets.”;))

 And now some eye candy for you. Beautiful 20’s dresses!

This dress is in the Etsy shop DearGoldenVintage. If I had the money, I would so buy this.

Also from DearGoldenVintage. Le sigh.

Another beauty from DearGolden. I’m dead.
This red velvet bit of gorgeousness was designed by Coco herself. Swoon.

3 thoughts on “Just let me be a flapper…

  1. I love 20s fashion…it seems a bit of a drastic change from the corseted silhouettes of earlier decades, and yet it still has that classy elegance. Then there are the more frumpy looks…but I try to forget those!(;


  2. Yes, its certainly is a lot different from the Edwardian style. 🙂 I just love it though. But, you are right…there were some frumpy dresses, but I guess there are always those who have no style sense;)

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