Knitting Mania

So I’ve been knitting. And buying yarn. A lot. It’s not good for my wallet;-) But it’s really fun so I’ve gotten over it. 
I recently finished this scarf, which is totally not practical right now, but I’m in the mood for winter so I finished it. The pattern is the Fredrick and Anne scarf from the first issue of Jane Austen Knits. It was my first time to experiment with lace knitting and I’m pretty happy with the result!
Yeah, I think it’s turned out really nice:-) 
Here is a picture of most of the yarn I’ve bought…in the last week and a half. 
 This is my current project: a headband. I’ve wanted to learn how to do cables and this project uses some of those techniques so I thought it would be a good start.

            And here are the knitting patterns I’ve bought…in the past week and a half. I’m so excited for to try some of the projects in these!
               This is the pattern for the headband I’m making…it’s in the Aran knits book.
 I think this is so pretty! I have some pretty pink yarn I could make it from…it’s from Jane Austen Knits.
 And one more photo of all the yarn:-)

 I’m going on a road trip soon, so it will be nice to have some stuff to work on in the car. I think the knitting mania spread…my mom bought yarn for a project yesterday, and my friend Caroline is also wanting to start one!
In other news, I’m super excited and thanking God because I passed my driver’s test! Yay! I’m so glad to be done with all of that stuff:-)
That’s all for now.

8 thoughts on “Knitting Mania

  1. Thank you! I’ve just recently gotten into it. I knew how to do a little bit, but I just started looking in to other things than the basic stitch:-)
    Thank you for the congrats:-) I’m so glad to be done with that!

  2. Congrats on passing your test too! That is very exciting and with it comes such sweet freedom. Love your sewing skills I am so jealous—for I have not one ounce of skill in that department. I just don’t think I have the patience. But such a useful beautiful hobby to have. Love!

  3. Congrats on passing your driving test! It’s exciting 🙂 And all your new yarn is gorgeous. I’ve been going through a yarn-buying stage too ; some of it was necessary for commissions, but mostly it was just “oooh, shiny!” and I couldn’t resist. Have fun learning some new knitting techniques! Your scarf is gorgeous 🙂

    1. Thank you Gillian! I love buying yarn…it’s very hard to stop:-) I tried really hard and resisted some gorgeous purple yarn the other day…I was quite proud of myself. Thanks for commenting!

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