I ran into some writer’s block as well as just plain busyness in the past couple of weeks, but life is inspiring, and I’m back and ready to blog again.laptop, mug, notebooks

Since last time I posted I have:

-gone to the wedding of a friend from college for the first time.

-ordered the most delicious flat-bread at an adorable restaurant.

-had a wonderful dinner with some of my dearest friends.

-gone to see Maleficent with the same dear friends. P.S. I loved the movie!

-run my first mile. ever.

-run my second mile!

-had another birthday.

-felt incredibly loved and blessed by the people in my life.

-filmed a new YouTube video.

-made a dress (pictures soon!)

-had my brother come visit from Chicago!

-had a lot of coffee

-learned some CSS!

-had a lot of tea.

-worked a lot.

-thought a lot.

-written in notebooks a lot.

I would love to know what you have all been up to recently!

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